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Interdisciplinary, photography, digital arts, and video

About the artist

Born in 1991 in Istanbul, Hakan Sorar completed his BA in Mechanical Engineering and MA in Sciences. Hakan continues their associate degree in the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department at Istanbul University and their master's program in Communication Design and Semiotics department of Design Faculty in Beykoz University. Sorar focuses on human, identity, memory, and city in the making of art works. Using an instant photography technique, Hakan deconstructs the moment by manipulating the shots and create a new reality, Hakan manipulates the frozen moment, shred it and create new impressions from objectivity to subjectivity. Adding and cutting the shots, Hakan acquires new meanings of the notions of body and setting. Apart from photography, the artist meditates in their digital art, blurring the line between body and object upon the body itself, supervised, shaped, and objectified by various mechanisms of power. With photography and digital works, Hakan invites the spectators to raise questions that concern body, identity, form, politics, and gender.

2021, Cage, Digital drawing, 3D digital animation, 1′ (with Ahmet Rüstem Ekici)

2021, Cage, Augmented Reality, 70x124 cm

Digital human design: Hakan Sorar
Digital set design: Ahmet Rüstem Ekici
Sound design: aredeko

Other works of the artist

2022, Float series No 3, Digital drawing, 50x50cm