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Paint and sculpture

About the artist

Yaz Taşçı generally revolves around the issues such as social inequality, gender-based discrimination and disadvantaged groups who are forcibly displaced by the thieves of unearned income. Taşçı, pursuing other dreams in their own alternative world just to spite the inequality of the world, sometimes reminds us of the belief within us that we have forgotten because of the delusion of another world, and sometimes uses the intertwine bodies to portray the representations of all the bodies of the city trying to exist. Taşçı's greatest fantasy is to see the overflowing desires of non-normative bodies with different sexualities in their painting. And they don't care if we like non-normative sex and nudity. Certain points, that Taşçı comes across in their fluid and flexible journey among the bodies where they try to find themselves- whether you perceive it as a metaphor or reality- and which they do not want to miss, are actually a very big part of their work. Inspired by activism and the people around them, Taşçı's paintings are the greatest means of self-expression.

2020, Sadabad, Mix media on canvas, 76x89 cm