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Orlando Sosa Lozada



Embroidery and interdisciplinary

About the artist

I'm Orli, I'm 31 years old, I was born in Lima - Peru and I currently live in Urubamba - Cusco - Peru. I'm an artist and a healer. My lines of exploration and work are centered on embroidery, ritual practice with master plants and the generation of ritual spaces-time for ancestral reconnection from a decolonial perspective and the relearning of care that allows addressing racial trauma and the impacts of colonial trauma, with an emphasis on LGBTIQA+ people, women and racialized dissent. from places that are not self-extractive or fetishizing pain. I dedicated myself for 10 years to political activism and community education in Afro-descendant, anti-racist, LGBTIQ+, fat corporalities, and dissident political movements. Currently my artistic-political bet focuses on our collective self-preservation in conditions of rest, care and well-being from the alchemy between embroidery and spirituality for the healing and disidentification of racial and colonial trauma.

Altar a la Rabia (Altar to Rage), sculpture in papier-mâché, macramé, embroidery, dyed with natural fibers / cardboard, papier-mâché, cotton fibers, macramé threads, embroidery threads, natural dyes, 39x56x56 cm, 37x18x8 cm, 83x20 cm, 2023