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NIÑO DIVINO | Darwin Winklaar



Design and music

About the artist

Darwin Winklaar was born and raised in Aruba, Sint Nicolaas, his work is an honest and personal tale of continuously practicing a vulnerable spell and a lonely dance between Nostalgia and Melancholia. Feeling the need to always lock himself in a domestic casket and ending in oceans deep where his childhood memories are being venerated, healed, and liberated. His childhood years are essential to his creative persona; a place he constantly revisits for inspiration, an altar for his offerings, an homage to all who have transformed and shaped him. Darwin is analyzing their upbringing and from there on creating. Incarnating and teleporting us through an imaginative process where memories, feelings, and cultural symbols of his upbringing are being reinterpreted. Darwin constantly embodies rituals and family habits through his work as a way of honoring the female figures who shaped him. His work is the result of a deep investigation into the folk religious practices that are predominant in the Caribbean. Based upon the “Altarismo” terminology. Darwin’s work shows a conceptual process that transcends the fashion design field and operates on a multidisciplinary frequency. By his use of embodied storytelling, music, dance, and singing he tries to convey an artistic practice that reintroduces a new genre informed by their Aruban roots: Neo-Folklorism.

MARIA YEN DESGRACIA, AI rendering, digital video, background Sonoric music, 512x1024 vertical, 2023