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About the artist

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1987. During my childhood, every time I was bored, I would ask my mother for a piece of paper and a pencil to draw my dreams. So, instead of playing with other kids, I would bring my imagination out to play. In school, too, instead of focusing on my studies, I was occupied either with drawing sketches on my notebook, or giving my suggestions in the principal’s office on how to decorate the school walls and how to design annual brochures. After graduating from high school with a special degree in graphic computer, I received an associate degree from graphic design in 2006. As much as I loved graphic design, one thing kept feeling incomplete until I finally found my interests in, and love for, photography. I started my undergraduate studies in photography in University of Fine Arts in Tehran in 2010, during which time I realized my deep interest for self-portrait. Since then, I have been taking self-portraits to capture my emotions and lived experiences as they vastly change. I have worked in event, wedding, fashion, and commercial photography; interior design and decoration; fashion design; graphic design; videography and short-film (script-writing, filming, directing, editing); painting; and sculpturing. I have also taught various classes and workshops on painting and photography. I am dedicated to experimenting with different forms and mediums of art and to broadening my artistic horizons.

2020, Me and my real self, self-portrait, 4 photos, 30×45 cm