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Painting and literature

About the artist

Lena Sans is a multidisciplinary trans woman artist, born in Antakya in 1999. After spending the first 18 years of her life in Antakya, she moved to Istanbul to study architecture. During the 5 years she spent in Istanbul, she produced poems, stories and essays on trans activism, classism and neurodiversity. In addition, she created visual works that tackle the ideas of anatomy, face, realism, eroticism, change and gender. She created these works with digital/classical drawing and self-portrait methods. In 2022, she settled in a village in Izmir. Along with her artistic works, she has been engaged in social media content creation about her life in the village. She is known as "Lena the Village Girl" with a total of 13 million views across Turkey. As of 2023, she continues her life and work in downtown Izmir.

Transvestite Terror, dry pencil on paper, 45x60 cm, 2023