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About the artist

Kabi Kimari (they/him) is a trans agender 24 year-old multidisciplinary artist born and based in Nairobi. They create imagery through photography, paintings, film and digital art. He’s also a tattoo artist, a fashion designer and stylist. Their work explores the depths of African spirituality in a postmodern world, the relationship between the seen and the unseen forces that dictate our daily lives. He operates by frustrating expectations of sexuality and body imagery and exploring these topics in a surreal manner. Focusing on mental health and the relationship between that and spirituality is a great theme in their work. They have exhibited their work in Nairobi, the most recent exhibition being Kioko Gallery.They have also bee in featured in multiple magazines. He is the founder of Ujamaa, an online barter exchange market that imagines new worlds where love is paramount and capitalism is dead. They are also part of Metamour ;a queer organization that uses pleasure, love and healing as an act of resistance, as the in-house creative director, digital artist and event organizer.

2022, I See You/Me, Digital drawing, 2.12×1.46 m

Other works of the artist

2022, Beyond the veil is where you’ll find me

Photography, Costume Design,Tailoring, and Set Design: me/starboi

Top and Sleeve Crochet design by: Agose and Crochet Apparel

    Model: Abuga

    2023, My Cup Is Always Overflowing, Color Pencil on Paper