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Interdisciplinary and film

About the artist

Joy Brandsma is a Dutch-Rwandese queer visual anthropologist, curator and filmmaker. She has a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology and a master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology – Visual Track from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The result of this masters is the film ‘Dancing in Captivity’. This film has been screened at the International Queer & Migrant festival and at the Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival. Currently she is working on a documentary project called ‘A Thousand Colors’. This project centres bridging a gap between a younger and an older generation BIPOC LGBTQIA+ people and archiving material from the older generation LGBTQIA+ people. She also works as a freelance researcher at DAS Graduateschool in the Research department.

2020, Covid meditations, Video, 2’23”

Other works of the artist

“Dancing in Captivity”

2021, Video, 46′