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Music and performance

About the artist

Hala Namer (b.Damascus, Syria) is an Amsterdam-based artist, DJ, and a sound performer. Coming from a performance background, Hala utilizes elements from myths and fiction to explore speculative narratives. Her practice investigates concepts regarding nightlife, deconstructed sound, and system control. It is through machinery and objects that her stories are told and make you ask — what does it mean to re-think pre-conceived meanings of the tools? Aside from her DJ practice, having performed in numerous international venues, Hala has also scored live films in Amsterdam, such as those during Pride 2018, scoring Barbara Hammer's films in Melkweg, and in Subbacultcha & Eye Film Museum in 2020. Currently, Hala is studying Moving Image at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

2021, She is pure, clear, fresh, crisp, refreshing; unpolluted, uncontaminated, untainted, unmixed, purified and cute, Steel, plastic and polyester blend, 170x205 cm