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Interdisciplinary and literature

About the artist

Fırat Uran was born in Adana in 1988. He graduated from Bahçeşehir Law School and went to UCLA for film studies. After he completed five certificate programs at UCLA he studied at NYFA directing. He was back to Istanbul in 2015, he started a master degree in Copyright Law and finished in 2018. During this time he was taking photos of Turkish mannequins with his polaroid camera. He had an exhibition on Space Debris called THE MODEL. His first book ‘Lost on the Highway’ was published in 2018. Two years after his second gay novel ‘Black Dog’ was published on 2020. He completed Cinema Master Degree at Istanbul Bilgi University. His third book ‘Olamayanlar.’ was published in 2021. His short movie ‘The Door’ officially selected to one minute film festival. Currently he is directing Black Dog series.

2020, Rainbow stairs, Video, 1’51”

Other works of the artist

“Otobanda Kaybolanlar”

Book, 2018, 192 pages

“Kara Köpek”

Book, 2020, 264 pages