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Interdisciplinary and performing arts

About the artist

a river. black travesti. transmedia artist, anthropologist and art educator; territorialized in Fortaleza, Siará, Pindorama; lives in Rio de Janeiro. She casts spells as a visual artist, costume designer, actress, performer, playwriter, writer, poet and other languages ​​that her body crosses. Bachelor in Fashion Design and Master's student in Social Anthropology at the National Museum (MN/UFRJ–Brasil). Conducts intersectional studies of (trans)gender, race and class, weaving art-research-politics on the construction of (post)identities and trans black and native bodies. During this time, she dedicates herself to recovering her indigenous ancestral heritage, and building firmaments of kura through makumba and spirituality.

Experiences: She is co-founder of the Transfabuladores Writing Collective. She was a guest artist at the Memórias Negres Natives Artistic Residency (3rd edition) by A CASAMATA. Graduated in the Decolonial Path of Performing Arts and in the Literary Creation Program (2021-2022) at Porto Iracema das Artes. Author of the dramaturgy “o que a corpa herda¿” (2022), published in the Coletânea de Dramaturgias do Curió. She was in the play-film “Tempo de (Re)volta” (2022), in which she has acting, production, dramaturgy and costume design credits. Her text “travesti” (2022) was awarded by Espiral Criativo. Proponent of the TRAVESTICENA project, selected at the Theater Laboratory (2022-2023) of Porto Iracema das Artes, with tutoring by Ventura Profana. Her work "serei minhas próprias ruínas vivas em pé" is part of the exhibition "Reflorestamento" at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ceará (MAC-CE).

a sacrament within me, Photography, prose poetry, memory, 70x35cm, 2023