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Interdisciplinary and performing arts

About the artist

Ceytengri is an Istanbul based performance artist, activist, poet and entity. Entering the underground scene with drag in 2017, they also started working on original music and released the genderfluid submissive club anthem “Buz Gibiyim”, production by Jtamul and performed at Red Bull Music Festival in 2019. “Buz Gibiyim” video, a shibari performance piece, was shot by Antre Sex in 2020. They also participated in the residency “Celebrating Queerness in Modern Turkey” at Duke University and released their bitch track “Madilik” in 2020. Commissioned by Through The Window, they wrote and shot “tengrisms ii”, presented at XVII Istanbul Biennial, Bristol and Berlin; performed at Rebetiko Festival and co-curated ‘Trans Day of Remembrance’ exhibition at American Memorial Library in Berlin, performed several renditions of their BDSM shadow play ‘Free Hugs’, co-founding the initiative Kokoş with Kiki ggNash, they started curating shows and balls in 2022. They released a compilation remix album “ssRMXs” of their third single “Sahibinin Sesi” with the independent label XSM Recordings in 2023.

2022, tengrisms ii, Video, 5’32’’

Other works of the artist

“Buz gibiyim”

2020, Buz gibiyim, Video, 6’45”