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Performing arts and interdisciplinary

About the artist

Berat Bebek is a trans non-binary actor, artist, creator, performer, organizer, serotonin source, social butterfly and a professional fat. Almost as a bridge between millennials and genZ they were born in the year '99 and were almost always out of the norms set by society. They were born and raised in Turkey but had to flee their country and started to live in the Netherlands in 2020. While studying chemistry in Bogazici University, along with socio-political experience from their social circles, they started to be more visible as an activist and as a queer person. Within their previous experiences from theater, they started to lean more into performance art and drag and came across with other disciplines such as ceramic, painting, and embroidery. Having a curious mentality, they let themselves fly through any and every aspect of art and learning through different perspectives. Falling down so many times throughout their life, they're familiar with the feeling of the ground and now refusing to accept the norm of 'being obliged to suffer' towards queer people and believes it is time to reflect, retake and recreate.

2022, A personal manifesto: Break free, Acrylic on canvas, 24x30 cm & 2 Videos, 0’54’’, 0’46’’