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Performing arts and music

About the artist

Aroth Unknown was born in 1995, Antalya. She was graduated from Antalya Yusuf Ziya Öner Science High School. They settled in the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. They worked for two years at İTÜ Cins Arı (one year as a club president) and took an active role in its procedure of becoming a university club. In 2018, she started performing at Dudakların Cengi and firmly paved the way to their career as an artist. She dropped out of İTÜ and continued her education life in Department of Comparative Literature at Bilgi University. Aroth is currently working on their music career as well maintaining their career as a DJ and a drag performer.

2022, HARD RESET, 1 Sculpture, 20x20x16 cm and 1 Sound piece in two parts, 0’39’’, 0’48’’ (with Dirty Projector)

Sculpture Design: Dirty Projector
Sound Design: Aroth U.
Camera: Dirty Projector
Model: Aroth U.

Polystyrene CD box
Epoxy Resin
Compact Disk
Dead Insects
Bristol Paper Print

Other works of the artist

2021, Aroth: Fly Me To The Moon & Met Him Last Night, Video, 6’29”