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Ardıl Yalınkılıç



Interdisciplinary and film

About the artist

In my art practice, I focus on the social and personal aspects of society in the context of orientalist - occidentalist narratives and oppressed identities. I lived in different countries and studied art in different schools of Europe, where I went to study art at the age of 20. I guess it is of no surprise that I began to meditate on and feel about issues such as West-East, otherness and identities during my nine-year-long stay in Europe. Even though the influence of orientalist narratives on me and their reflection on my practice has decreased with my return to Turkey last year, otherness and identity are issues that will continue to affect me wherever I go and, naturally, my work, too.

2022, Aischrologia, Found image and sound, Video, 11’05’’

Other works of the artist

2018, The Gaze, Video, 08’16”

2020, Contemporary Poetry, Poetry