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Antre Sezgin



Photography and video

About the artist

I am an Istanbul-born contemporary-fine-art-fashion photographer, videographer, director, queer performance artist, DJ, art and set designer, advertising costume and styling chief, LGBTQIA+ volleyball team captain and an LGBTQIA+ rights activist. In my gender, identity and transformation work experience, I seek new visions and possibilities by creating queer portraits with the aesthetics of fashion photography and collaborate with LGBTQIA+ artists, thinkers and night workers. My work with independent artists and underground musicians include album visuals, music videos, video art and visuals that explore the artist’s visual identities and universes. Other techniques I use include scanography, performance art, creative concept generation, set design and font design. I also do freelance costume and styling. The group exhibitions I participate in include Imaginary Composites (Lomography Gallery, 2014), Oblivion (Bau Expo Gallery, 2015), Aramızda (Art Cafe Nişantaşı), Sınırsız Alan (2019), organized around works of independent LGBTQIA+ artists, Trans Day of Remembrance (Berlin American Memorial Library, 2022), first personal pop-up exhibition at the first event of XSM (2022) and House of Spring (Information Extended, 2022). I am participating in the organization teams of local queer underground music events in Istanbul such as Çığlık Çığlığa, Hot Çaça Summer, Falenciaga and XSM. I am currently working on an exhibition that centers local LGBTQIA+ artists. I co-organize this exhibition with Trans Pride Week.

Garden of the Gods, Photo print in mirror frame, 2.80x2.80 meters, 2023 (with the Tusidi)