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Anto López Espinosa

The Netherlands


Music and video

About the artist

Anto López Espinosa (Madrid, 1993) graduated in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University of London (2018) and moved to Amsterdam, where they graduated from the temporary masters program The Commoners' Society (2020) at Sandberg Instituut. As a performance maker and visual practitioner, Anto’s work operates as a license to fracture the notion of the mundane in regards to the prevailing systems of representation, for “the other” be noticed. Through embodied research on both queerness and lucid dreaming, they aim to offer temporary opportunities for unfixed communities of subjects to trick their existence, resulting into visual invitations to the epic as propositions to both seduce and destabilize the technologies of living. By focusing on spoken-word lips-syncs as a take on imagining and mapping down possible bodies, they make use of multiple voices to suggest a visual proposition of texts, placed at several times and spaces at once. On using sound as a sticky membrane to glue ordinary narratives with supernatural phenomena, they simultaneously propose a human body based on a juxtaposition of fragmented narratives. The self is then conceived as an ecosystem of ongoing relational practices, as a celebration in which memories and futures erode each other, propagating a carnival of temporalities in the search of love and care for their own (and others) existence.

2022, “While I dream of you, You, you dream of me”, Infrared Cameras, Sound, Video, 4’54”

Music and Video: Anto López Espinosa
Video documentation: Jesús López Eusebio (Anto's dad)