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Interdisciplinary and installation

About the artist

Alev Ersan’s work has its roots in composition and narrative and is developed through the mediums of literary translation, animation, poetry, and installations using text, sound, and drawings. She has worked collaboratively on many of her projects. Central areas of research and teaching have been cross-genre forms of autobiographical subjectivity and narrative; the investigation of the city space through feminist and queer perspectives, and translation as a practice and mode wherein it acts as a crossing point of separation and connection, as a relationship of alterity between a subject and her environment as well as a rendering between different mediums (text/space/sound) and languages. Since 2017, her research has been focused on experimental forms of elegy and epitaphs and works in private and public mourning.

2021, Frisson, Stop motion animation and text, lead pencil and paper, 1’08’’

Other works of the artist

2022, If in mirrors, it does not bite, Site-responsive installation, text and sound

2022, mâzîk, Site responsive installation, sound, text and natural light