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Interdisciplinary, performing arts, and music

About the artist

Akış Ka is a character, perhaps a monster, who wanders between the walls of binary genders and even breaks those walls. She is an out of place, and thanks to you, a timeless player. She is a multi-disciplinary queer performance artist. Her practice spans from performance to songwriting to creating youtube videos and hosting talk shows. She approach her practice and her life as an anamorphic Gesamtkunstwerk, an ongoing state of transformation. What motivates her practice is to leave queer marks on art history. Between 2016 and 2019 She was part of the İstanbul LGBTİ+ Pride Week committee. Her art gets its strength from activism. She started performing as a drag queen as a hobby in 2017. Over time, she transcended her drag persona and started her professional productions in 2020, which shaped her entire life. The themes of her works include but are not limited to; trans rights /of existence, body politics, food sociology, commensality, the bodies relationship to space around it in terms of invasion and affection.Before the pandemic, Akış made a name for herself with her drag performances at Dudakların Cengi (The Battle of the Lips) and Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Parties, but she started to work in other avenues during the pandemic. She released her single "Sana Bir Sır Vereyim Mi?" (Shall I Give You A Secret?) in 2020 and focused on works accessible to everyone. She started to produce video content on the Alt Cut YouTube channel in 2021. Since then, she has become a public figure who uses humor to draw attention to political issues. She narrated her struggle for trans existence with her HoşGeldin (Welcome) Performance at Salt's '90s On Stage exhibition in 2022. Her recent works focus on inspirational trans stories.

2020, Uykucu, Video, 6’46”

Other works of the artist


2022, Performance, 40'