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Ahmet Rüstem Ekici



New media arts and digital arts

About the artist

Cage, focuses on the structures that we are stuck in during the pandemic process. With the animation experienced with augmented reality, it erases the human body from the space and takes the viewer on a journey through the space with the rest. The work, which questions the position of the body that tries to convey the forms, obstacles and inadequacies of the spaces we live and belong to, and the position of the body that tries to relate to it, focuses on the areas that we define with objects through the animation experienced with the Artivive application, and brings together human remains and an unmanned space with the audience.

2021, Cage, Digital drawing, 3D digital animation, 1′ (with Hakan Sorar)

2021, Cage, Augmented Reality, 70x124 cm

Digital human design: Hakan Sorar
Digital set design: Ahmet Rüstem Ekici
Sound design: aredeko

Other works of the artist

2022, Altered surfaces, AI generated images, Frame interpolation, Video, 10′

2022, Altered surfaces, AI generated images, frame interpolation, Augmented reality with artivive
app, 50×90 cm, Fine art print