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71 cm skandal travesti Kiki Haram ggNash



Performance and painting

About the artist

Kiki ggNash is an Istanbul-based Arab painter, performance artist, mother, LGBTI+ rights activist, plus-size spokesperson, organizer, beauty and body saboteur. She has been living as monster transvestite a.k.a. ggNash ever since she re-united with this drag persona, which she created as her graduation project in 2019. She both volunteered and worked as a professional activist in NGOs in the fields of youth, ecology, race struggle and gender studies between 2012-2016. She graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2020. She delivered an online performance at Perform İstanbul-Stay in Live called "playing house/evcilik" during the pandemic. Then, her first group exhibition, Through The Window: ÇARK (17th Istanbul Biennial), took place in 2020/2022. Her works were exhibited in the selection of MamutArt Project (2021); she participated in group exhibitions in Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Ayvalık, Berlin, Rome and MIT between 2020-2022. She performed her identity performance at SALT: Her Şeyx3 (2022) exhibition. ggNash and Ceytengri founded Kokoş Collective and they have been organizing drag shows since 2019. In collaboration with XSM, she organized her first one-night solo exhibition, “Gel Günaha Girelim”. Kiki performed her "Scandal Birth" on March 25, 2023. She continues producing her artworks in İstanbul for now.

2021, My companion, A performance, Painting, Video, Mixed media on canvas, 30×30, 60×90, 35×25 cm, 3’31”, Gemini

Other works of the artist

2021, mama, Painting, Powder paint on paper, 70×100 cm


2023, Scandal transvestite, Performance, Blood/sweat/tears/scream, 71 cm